2017 Geneva International Watch Fair (SIHH) preheated, Vacheron Constantin introduced the new Tourbillon amazing three questions

As the 2017 Geneva International Advanced Watch Fair (SIHH) of the preheat, Vacheron Constantin introduced the new Traditionnelle series of three tourbillon known as the stunning series. This exquisite work of the timepieces follows the supreme watchmaking art of the 18th century, adding another masterpiece to the Traditionnelle lineage. Developed and developed by the brand's own 2755 TMR movement set three asked the tourbillon and the two main uk replica watches complex functions in one. This luxurious timepiece comes in pink gold and platinum. This Traditionnelle series of tourbillon three questions asked by the distinguished Geneva certification marks, not only demonstrates the high level of technology, but also has unparalleled reliability. Like every Vacheron Constantin's timepieces, the Traditionnelle's series of tourbillons are a perfect blend of exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics that have witnessed the long history of watchmaking ever uninterrupted since its inception in 1755. The launch of the new movement by the brand's own R & D and manufacturing, with two major complex functions. Precise and complex tourbillon can offset the impact of gravity on the clock, so as to improve travel time accuracy. The three repeater function is a symbol of high watchmaking art, but also one of the most highly regarded complex functions. Gently press the slider, when the device will sound the corresponding sound of the corresponding time, carved, points. This feature not only requires the watchmaker to master this complex technology, but also need to have a keen hearing, which can be calibrated as a musical instrument-like adjustment spring. Vacheron Constantin successfully overcome the technical difficulties, these two complex functions together in the same movement among the generations to pass on to the traditional handmade craftsmanship tribute. \ Dial decorated with a unique carved carved patterns Traditionnelle series tourbillon three series of questions to highlight the brand to create excellent timepieces in the field of professional skills, sounded superb artistry and aesthetic tones echoed harmonious tone. The introduction of platinum models equipped with deep gray or silver milky two dial; pink gold with silver milky white dial. Dial decorated with Vacheron Constantin store on sale exquisite table models limited carved carved patterns. This unique pattern not only embodies the brand's creativity, but also demonstrated its superb carved carving skills - which originated in the 18th century traditional watchmaking skills. Pink gold and platinum models were matched with a pink gold or platinum hours and minutes pointer, biased in the upper part of the dial for the lower part of the tourbillon set aside space to show. In the 6 o'clock position, you can replica watches uk the graceful dance Tourbillon, used in the traditional watch industry, 2.5 Hz low-frequency vibration frequency for its unique charm, can fully demonstrate the rhythm of the tourbillon rhythm of the United States. Tourbillon frame using Vacheron Constantin iconic Maltese cross shape, hand-polished tourbillon cross-bridge, only this one part will take about 11 hours of elaborate. \ An original 2755 TMR homemade movement Traditionnelle Passage Series Tourbillon three questions equipped with self-developed by the Vacheron Constantin and manufacture of new 2755 TMR movement. This hand-wound movement engraved Geneva mark, reflecting the precision timepieces and aesthetic design of the ultra-high level. Combined with on-demand time to time function and the tourbillon at the same time, also has hours, minutes, and in the swiss replica watches tourbillon frame on the small second hand display. 58 hours power reserve instructions - with the traditional black oxidation of pink gold hand - is particularly loaded on the back of the dial instead of the front. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back can enjoy the watch by the 471 parts and 40 gem movement, and meet the most stringent standards of hand-decorated watch grinding process. Traditionnelle Series Tourbillon III asked only in the Vacheron Constantin store for sale, with a "time of the sound" resonator to enhance the three-chime and acoustic resonance devices.