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Hockey Tickets



About Hockey

Hockey is a field sport which is played between two teams. The game requires a small ball and hockey sticks. The aim is to maneuver the little ball and hit it into the rival teams’ goal by using the hockey stick. The sport is further divided into two types; ice hockey and field hockey. The carvings discovered in Egypt had pictures similar to hockey sticks.

Hockey’s registered origin dates back to 1272 BC. It was first played in Ireland. Traces of it are found in Ancient Greek games as well. In China, Mongolia and Daur, for over a thousand years, people used to play a game very similar to hockey. Hence, it can be said that hockey is one of the oldest games of the human civilization.

Hockey is a famous game around the globe. A number of countries compete on international level and various championships and tournaments take place every year. If you wish to attend a live hockey match, book your Hockey tickets today!

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